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The COVIDeo-19 Film Festival was created by two college professors, one teaching in a film program and one in sociology, who independently assigned their students similar projects that boiled down to creating documentaries about life in these strange times. Inspired by those films, we wanted to create an outlet for similar work. And so COVIDeo-19 was born!


As our discussions about the festival developed, we realized we had stumbled on an idea for an annual festival. So These Times, the parent festival, was actually born after its child, COVIDeo-19. Strange days indeed.


COVIDeo-19 was developed to capture the spirit of These Times from a student perspective.

Who we are

The These Times Film Festival is co-directed by two college professors and their students. They are:

Rik Scarce



















Rik Scarce first picked up a camera of any kind in 9th grade, when he was invited to become a photographer for his junior high school yearbook. The bug bit hard and led him to work as a summer intern photographing the Smithsonian Institution’s Festival of American Folklife and, after graduating from college, as a reporter-photographer at the now-defunct New Smyrna Beach News and Observer newspaper in Florida.


In time Rik earned a Ph.D. in sociology, ultimately landing at Skidmore College. In 2006 he decided to shift his scholarship from text-based to video and largely taught himself how to create films. Along the way he has made virtually every mistake known to videomaking, but he has learned a lot and now teaches Visual Sociology, Video Ethnography, and Community Filmmaking. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Video Ethnography and serves on the executive committee of the Ethnografilm Festival. His films include an educational look at sustainability in the Hudson River region and his latest work, Impact: Mobility and Modernity Reconsidered, which is on the barefoot and minimalist running movement.

Joe Brown










Joe Brown is a filmmaker and educator based at the University of Denver. His documentary work has screened at: The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival; The International Wildlife Film Festival, The Wild & Scenic Film Festival; The Birmingham Sidewalk Festival, and many more venues. Joe is particularly interested in the relationship between humans and the environment around them. His current feature film, Operation Wolf Patrol, will be out in 2021.


Previously, Joe directed the Colorado Environmental Film Festival (CEFF) and the Great Lakes Environmental Film Festival (GLEFF). Joe also serves as the Executive Vice President of the University Film & Video Association (UFVA) and is active in the Denver filmmaking community. 



Claire Maske

Claire Maske is a rising senior at Skidmore College completing a Self

Determined Major in Documentary Studies and a minor in Studio Art.

She is deeply involved in the MDOCS program at Skidmore and is beginning

to work on her capstone documentary project this summer.

She works in screenwriting, film, animation, and audio documentary. Her 

work was screened at the New York Animation Film Fest 2020. 







Lily Walsh

Lily Walsh is a student who

attends Skidmore College.

She is majoring in sociology

and minoring in film and media

studies. Lily’s interest in

documentary-making started

with photography and transitioned

into videography and filmmaking.

She has made multiple short

documentaries of her own and

has worked on a few of her

peers films. 

Kate Mahoney

Kate Mahoney is a junior at Skidmore College and is a Sociology

major and Media and Film Studies minor. She has taken multiple

classes in sociological film-making and has made two short

documentary films in the past. Outside of academics, Kate is a

member of Skidmore's oldest sketch comedy group The Sketchies,

for which she writes and performs sketch comedy. She also

participates in theater at Skidmore, and has recently taken on the

role of Digital Media Assistant for the Skidmore Theater Department.

In the future, she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Visual

Sociology and continue working in the field, and also continue

writing and performing comedy.





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